Kanalisering: Hva er ditt element?

kanalisering norsk | Posted Jul 13, 2023
Vibecke Garnaas
Kanalisering: Hva er ditt element?

Hvorfor er kjennskap til elementene så viktig? Hva forteller ditt element om din reise til Moder Jord?

Ditt stjernekart er perfekt designet for din reise til Moder Jord, og bærer med seg dypere viten om din sannhet forankret i Universet. Zarius & Det 7 Rådet har lenge snakket om forankring av sjelens ressurser, og under sist samling på Regnbuensvei fikk vi vite mer om elementenes betydning for å navigere stjernekartet slik at livet harmonerer med sjelens...

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Do this and Find your Purpose

podcast video english | Posted Jul 13, 2023

I’m passionate about today’s topic - Soul Mission. Since a young age, I knew there was something deep inside me guiding me and moving me in a direction that I couldn’t foresee but I knew would unfold when the time was right. Now in my forties, I can clearly see how my soul was leading me to discover my authentic voice and embrace my soul mission with passion, joy and purpose.

So how do you know what your soul mission is? Can you have several missions throughout your...

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Exploring Global Transformation Through Astrology

astrology video english | Posted Jul 04, 2023

Are you feeling the shift in our planet? Could it be that we're at a huge turning point in our lives?

Join Star Sister Astrologer Marcia Wade on this episode of the Spiritual Quest podcast as she shares the ancient wisdom of astrology and guides us through embracing this transformational energy.

Let’s embrace our cosmic connections, and let our Star sign guide us to greatness!

Click to watch the full episode...

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Private Channeling Zarius & The Order of 7

channelings | Posted Jun 27, 2023
Vibecke Garnaas
Private Channeling Zarius & The Order of 7

Are you curious about your soul's journey to Earth?

Wondering why you're here and what gifts you're meant to share?

Meet Zarius & The Order of 7, high-frequency beings who have been guiding people since 2012 to realign with their authentic power and embrace their soul's calling.

For a limited time, they're offering a 30 min. personal channeling sessions via Zoom, providing Divine guidance and clarity, for only $111 or kr 1050.

Book your personal session today and receive a Zoom recording...
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What Does It Mean To Have Water as Your Astrology Element?

astrology video english | Posted Jun 27, 2023

Are you the person others turn to when they need a shoulder to cry on? Do you carry a wealth of emotion and love that's deep enough to fill entire oceans? If you have Water as your Astrology Element, it could explain why! Learn how to tap into this powerful energy and use it to create a container for your soul to shine.

Intuitively I've always known that water was my element. I love sitting by the water and allowing the waves to bring me into deep relaxation and opening the portal to my...

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ASCEND & HEAL with Fractal Illumination Activations


On the latest livestream, Always Guided by Spirit, I invited  Zachery Hansen and Sheila Applegate, co-authors of the book The Energy Healer’s Oracle, to share about their Fractal Illumination activations that have helped hundreds of people to heal and ascend into higher New Earth frequencies and to find true balance in our chaotic world. 

This was such an inspiring conversation guided by Spirit! To watch the full episode please click the link.

Watch on YouTube

Make sure to...

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Your unique connection to the Universe!

astrology video english | Posted Jun 20, 2023

What does it mean that you were born with a unique connection to the Universe?

Imagine this: When you took your very first breath, you not only began your journey in this world, but you also absorbed the energy and patterns of the universe around you. That's the essence of astrology - the power of ultimate receptivity.

In this podcast episode, Star Sister Astrologer Marcia Wade helps you understand the power within your birth chart and how it gives you a unique connection to the universe.


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Unveiling a Starseed's Unexplained Trauma

english video english | Posted Jun 13, 2023

Do you feel a deep and unexplainable connection to otherworldly forces? Are you a Starseed struggling with trauma of unknown origins?

In this heart-to-heart, a deep-rooted trauma was activated! I found myself remembering lifetimes on other planets where fragments of my soul's energy still reside. If you're a Starseed experiencing unexplained trauma, then this podcast episode will serve you well.

Join Starseed and ET contactee Lily Nova as she shares her incredible story of awakening to her...

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Inspirasjon fra Inspiria✨

kanalisering norsk | Posted Jun 08, 2023
Vibecke Garnaas
Inspirasjon fra Inspiria✨

 Går du i søvne?

Under sist samling på Regnbuensvei innledet Inspiria rådet med å minne oss på å nyte og vise takknemlighet ovenfor livet. Oppstigning til 5D, kjent som Regnbuensvei, krever tilstedeværelse slik at vi kan navigere alle energimessige påkjenninger på en balansert og harmonisk måte.

Lytt til det inspirerende budskapet fra Inspiria, og tillate deg selv å ta inn energien bak ordene. Det vil vekke deg fra...

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Healing Galactic Trauma

starseeds video english | Posted Jun 06, 2023

Are you a Starseed looking to heal your Galactic trauma? Are you feeling lost and confused as to why, or where this affliction is coming from?

Let Pleiadian StarSister Estella be your guide in healing your Galactic Trauma. In this video, Estella will take you on a journey to understanding the origin of your trauma, and how you can start to release it. This video is a must-watch for any Starseeds looking for guidance on their soul's expansion journey!

If you want to connect with Estella...

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