Er du klar for oppstigning til 5D?

video norsk | Posted Sep 01, 2022

Er du klar til å ta et viktig steg videre på sjelens reise? Har du kjent på endringer i energien i og rundt deg, og som trigger gamle 3D mønstre og lavfrekvente energier?

Symptomer på oppstigning er nå noe som mange av oss opplever. Løsriving fra gamle trossystmer tvinges fram, og gjør at mange ikke lenger føler de har et valg enn å overgi seg til høyere energier. De sterke vindene som sveiper over Moder Jord, vekker...

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How to listen to the Guidance of Spirit?

video english | Posted Aug 28, 2022

How to listen to the Guidance of Spirit? My purpose in life is to help people connect with their true essence and to embrace the guidance of spirit, and I'm grateful to have been given the opportunity to share my purpose with the world on the Podcast wow Love Light Inspire with Lorene Roberts. 

In this transparent episode, I speak about how the guidance of Spirit has literately saved my life and how you can open up and embrace your true essence and allow your soul to lead the way.


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How to welcome abundance, prosperity, and wealth into your life?

podcast video english | Posted Aug 26, 2022

Are you struggling with not having enough money or not wanting to deal with money? Or maybe you’re ready to welcome abundance, prosperity, and wealth into your life?

Then this episode of The Spiritual Quest Podcast will serve you and help you to embrace your own Money Reality!

My guest is not only an amazing regression specialist with years of experience but she’s a wonderful woman with a big heart and a radiant soul fulfilling her vision of evolving collective consciousness. And...

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How do you find your mission in life?

podcast video english | Posted Aug 14, 2022

Arndreya Price, Found of NLO Greek, found her mission where she struggled the most! Struggling with not feeling beautiful, she was faking being confidant. Today her mission is to help people feel beautiful and value themselves through her highly sought-after black Greek apparel brand LNO Greek which has served thousands of customers and her exotic destination wellness retreats. 

Support Arndreya on her mission to help people feel beautiful and value themselves by following her on:


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Do you trust God's plan for your life?

podcast video english | Posted Aug 07, 2022


Would you quit your job and trust in God's plan for your life?

That's exactly what my podcast guest, Arndreya Price did when she heard God's calling! She left the safety of a six figure job to trust in God's plan for her life. Tune in and watch this inspiring conversation by clicking her. 

You can support Arndreya on her mission to help people feel beautiful and value themselves by following her on:



Check out her highly sought-after black Greek apparel...

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Er du klar for Lionsgate 08.08.2022?✨

video norsk | Posted Aug 04, 2022

Er du klar for å ta et steg videre på sjelens reise ved hjelp av Lion's Gate!  

Hvis du har opplevd at gamle historier og utgåtte trossystemer plutselig dukker opp igjen eller du føler ubalanse i energien som påvirker deg og holder deg fanget, da har du nå en unik mulighet til å bruke kraften som formidles gjennom Lion's Gate til å rense ut gammel energi og ta i mot nye frekvenser som kun er tilgjengelig gjennom Lion's Gate.


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Do you have conditions on the love you give?

podcast video english | Posted Aug 04, 2022

One would think that giving and receiving unconditional love, is something most of us experience, but unfortunately this is not the case. Growing up, we're all learning how to fit in and how to navigate life based on the acceptance of our communities and in that process, we loose contact with our true essence, which is anchored within love.

It's our perception that tells us wether or not we are anchored within the heart through the practise of self-love, but loving who you are is...

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What is numerology and how can it transform your life?💫

video english | Posted Jun 24, 2022

Do you know your numbers?

I'm not talking about your net worth, but your energetic constellation. 

In todays episode of the Spiritual Quest Podcast  you'll learn more about the power of numerology. 

You'll meet the author of the book A little Bit of Numerology and founder of The Numerology School, Novalee Wilder.

She’s a Danish actress and artist turned Professional Numerologist and writer living in Los Angeles and after the life-altering experience of changing...

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[OFFER] Are you ready to connect with the Spirit of Abundance?

english | Posted Jun 16, 2022

The energies are flowing in a new rhythm allowing the manifestation of your soul’s desires to unfold when your light path interconnects with the spirit of abundance.


2022 is the year to realign and tune into your soul to listen and receive the guidance that will either strengthen or shift how you allow your destiny to unfold.


We’re now three years into a 7-year cycle and if you’re an empath you’re probably feeling the energy of year 4, which is the year...

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How are you feeling?

video english | Posted Jun 15, 2022

Let's be honest and take a closer look at how we're showing up in our own life. 

Being authentic is something most of us strive to become, but many of us, myself included, struggle sometimes with being honest about the current situation.

Standing in your own divine essence can be a challenge when we're dealing with the drama of this world, and sometimes we just need to get real and be vulnerable and to shift gear and embrace our true power. 

I invite you to join Janet Miller, The...

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