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New Earth Strategist & Channeler Vibecke Garnaas

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Awakening Through Adversity: Finding Light Beyond Suffering.

In this soul-stirring episode, we explore the profound revelations that emerge from our most challenging moments. "The worst trauma is the portal to the best moments in life." This thought-provoking idea sets the stage for a conversation with Ray Catania, The Visionary Metaphysical Teacher.

Though once an atheist, Ray's encounter with death's threshold has paved the path for an unforeseen transformation. His near-death experience, a transcendence of worldly suffering, echoes as a testament to the beauty interwoven with our existence.

Dive into the afterlife, the human spirit, and the serene acceptance that has allowed Ray to declare, "You Are Still Alive, Now Act Like It."

Listen now and witness firsthand how suffering can usher in the greatest awakening of your life.




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