Exploring Global Transformation Through Astrology

astrology video english | Posted Jul 04, 2023

Are you feeling the shift in our planet? Could it be that we're at a huge turning point in our lives?

Join Star Sister Astrologer Marcia Wade on this episode of the Spiritual Quest podcast as she shares the ancient wisdom of astrology and guides us through embracing this transformational energy.

Let’s embrace our cosmic connections, and let our Star sign guide us to greatness!

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What Does It Mean To Have Water as Your Astrology Element?

astrology video english | Posted Jun 27, 2023

Are you the person others turn to when they need a shoulder to cry on? Do you carry a wealth of emotion and love that's deep enough to fill entire oceans? If you have Water as your Astrology Element, it could explain why! Learn how to tap into this powerful energy and use it to create a container for your soul to shine.

Intuitively I've always known that water was my element. I love sitting by the water and allowing the waves to bring me into deep relaxation and opening the portal to my...

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Your unique connection to the Universe!

astrology video english | Posted Jun 20, 2023

What does it mean that you were born with a unique connection to the Universe?

Imagine this: When you took your very first breath, you not only began your journey in this world, but you also absorbed the energy and patterns of the universe around you. That's the essence of astrology - the power of ultimate receptivity.

In this podcast episode, Star Sister Astrologer Marcia Wade helps you understand the power within your birth chart and how it gives you a unique connection to the universe.


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