Vibecke Garnaas

Channeler | New Earth Strategist | Podcast Host

Meet Vibecke, the Channeler for Zarius & The Order of 7, a group of High-Frequency Energies offering guidance to support the soul's journey to earth. With more than a thousand channeling sessions since 2012, Vibecke has helped people around the globe to activate their unique frequency and fulfill their soul mission through co-creation with Spirit.

As a self-proclaimed New Earth Strategist, Vibecke aids heart-centered individuals and businesses with a Vision to Co-create with Spirit. She offers powerful energy reset intensives, workshops, and channeled transmissions.

Trained as a Life Between Lives Hypnotherapist by the Newton Institute and certified Master NLP Coach, Vibecke has assisted thousands in reconnecting with their soul essence, helping them embody their innate power.

The host of the Spiritual Quest Podcast, Vibecke collaborates with spiritual teachers, healers, coaches, and mentors worldwide to raise consciousness and provide insights into spiritual transformation. Together, they strive to create a brighter world.

Celebrating Vibecke's Milestones and Contributions


Awaken to the Power of the Universe (2014)

This book, known as "Nรธkkelen Til Lyset" in Norwegian, contains excerpts from year-long channeling sessions with what is referred to as Torchbearers. The shared messages and wisdom by The Order are verbatim, transcribed from audio recordings to help navigate the human journey.


Soul Energy in Motion Foundation (2017 - 2023)

Founded by Vibecke, this nonprofit foundation focuses on bringing awareness and allowing powerful interactions between the Universe, Mother Earth, and Humanity. Over five years, Vibecke and a group of mission-driven souls worked hands-on to achieve this goal.

The Unity Necklace

The Unity Necklace is imbued with profound significance, symbolized through a unique light language design. This emblematic piece serves as a conduit for 5th-dimensional energy.ย At the heart of its design is a branch that splits into three equally powerful parts, representing the essential unity between humanity, Mother Earth, and the universe. This trinity is crucial for co-creating a new Earth, fostering a harmonious interaction that nourishes our body, mind, and soul connection.

Vibecke has spoken on virtual stages and podcasts across the globe and has been featured on nationwide television and radio in Norway. She has also been a Masterclass teacher on Wisdom From North and represented in recognized outlets such as The New York Times, Medium Magazine, Nettavisen, Dagbladet, and Se & Hรธr.

Her dedication to her mission has led her to organize spiritual journeys to powerful locations, helping to raise consciousness through the healing power of self-discovery.

Recent Appearances


  • Who are Zarius & The Order of 7, why are they here, and what messages do they bring to humanity?
  • The Power of Co-creating with Spirit - 5D awareness (manifestation).
  • Reclaiming our innate Power - moving from 3D into the 4D.
  • The 7-Step Frequency Activation - How to Live authentically?ย 
  • A Healing Journey - Exploring Past Lives & Life Between Lives.
  • The impact of Soul Energy on Personal Development.ย 
  • Exploring the multidimensional being & parallel lives.

"After listening to Vibecke on a YT video, I knew it would be wonderful. My session was beyond my expectations. I felt connected and completely touched by the beings I was speaking with through Vibecke. There was such love, compassion, and understanding in the guidance and information I received. It was life-changing. "

Debra Gerner

"Professional Accurate I was able to gain answers to questions I have held within me for many years. I am certainly going to re- listen every night to enable me to attune to this obviously high frequencies. Thank you."

Michael Muller

"I thoroughly enjoyed both the warmness of Vibecke and the wisdom of Zarius and The Order of 7 she channelled. I am still unpacking all the information I received from them. The recording of the session is a great idea as there is so much wisdom that every time I re-listen to the channelling, I learn something new from it. The messages are profound and deep and provide me with tools I have only just started to utilize. This channelling will provide me with the learning material for a long time to come. Thank you Vibecke and Zarius and The Order of 7! "