Awaken Your Inner Light (Channeling)

channelings video english | Posted May 24, 2024

A Powerful Message from Chief of the Holy Land


As the vibrations of our hearts synchronize with the rhythms of Mother Earth, we are being called to reconnect with the higher mind and embrace the triad of body, mind, and spirit.

We are living in an extraordinary era, a time when humanity is poised to ascend to higher dimensions within ourselves. This is not just a personal journey; it is a collective awakening. Mother Earth is ready to hold her children once again, uniting us in...

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Full Moon Channeling

Have you felt it?

The upcoming full moon has left a strong impact on me, activating the unhealed shadow side of humanity and bringing it to the surface, allowing tears to flow freely.

As we journey through life, our star maps guide our souls, helping us navigate the highs and lows of our 3D reality. Our life force energy acts as a compass, providing us with insight into where we stand on this profound journey. During times of transformative change, The Order brings much-needed clarity and...

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New Year Activation Reading 2024✨

channelings video english | Posted Jan 04, 2024

We have a special opportunity to create harmony between the seven life force energies that will empower us throughout 2024. We will receive powerful activations of frequency 5, supporting our human journeys by being authentic and transmitting our unique frequencies through soul energy in motion. 

I would like to personally invite you to join me in setting the intention for the collective as we focus on aligning the seven life force energies and receiving Frequency 5. To help us prepare...

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Activating Your Light Codes for 2024!

channelings video english | Posted Dec 28, 2023

The Secret to Unlocking Your Light Path: Activating Your Light Codes for 2024!

Step into the bright and magical world of light codes and unlock your full potential with this transformative Light Path Activation Transmission. Through this powerful channeled transmission, you will discover the secrets to activating your light codes and unleashing your highest potential.

Get ready to ignite your light path and embark on an incredible journey toward self-discovery, abundance, and fulfillment.


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What is unfolding in Your Life in 2024?✨

channelings | Posted Dec 26, 2023


In 2024, we are blessed with powerful transmissions of frequency 5, empowering us to transcend the limitations of 3D consciousness and embrace a co-creative existence rooted in joy. It's a perfect opportunity to activate our soul resources and unlock our unique frequencies, leaving behind any need to hide and conform.

The Order reminds us that where there is energy, there is life itself. By dwelling in the past or future, we inadvertently surrender our power and perpetuate the...

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Channeling Gloria

channelings podcast video english | Posted Aug 22, 2023

Are you ready to activate frequency 4 and allow your heart and soul to make your decisions?

Immerse yourself in this incredible message of unconditional love from Gloria the activator of Love. Prepare to be filled with waves of spirit and soul, as your physical body connects with the divine power of the universe. 

It's time to ignite your heart's vibration with loving guidance from Gloria. Remember, you are LOVE!

Click to watch or listen to the Spiritual Quest Podcast with special...

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Channeling Zarius

channelings podcast video english | Posted Aug 18, 2023

Are you feeling stuck on your spiritual path? Are you in need of deep and meaningful guidance to help you through difficult times?

Life can be full of joy, fulfillment, and abundance when you connect to your Divine Power. Imagine feeling empowered, enlightened, and inspired as you follow your true path each day. Join me on this episode of the Spiritual Quest Podcast where my special guest is my very own Spiritual Team known as Zarius, Grogen, Gloria, Ikna, Impala, Inspiria, and Mother Tresna....

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Private Channeling Zarius & The Order of 7

channelings | Posted Jun 27, 2023
Vibecke Garnaas
Private Channeling Zarius & The Order of 7

Are you curious about your soul's journey to Earth?

Wondering why you're here and what gifts you're meant to share?

Meet Zarius & The Order of 7, high-frequency beings who have been guiding people since 2012 to realign with their authentic power and embrace their soul's calling.

For a limited time, they're offering a 30 min. personal channeling sessions via Zoom, providing Divine guidance and clarity, for only $111 or kr 1050.

Book your personal session today and receive a Zoom recording...
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A gift from Spirit!

channelings english | Posted Oct 26, 2021
Vibecke Garnaas
A gift from Spirit!

Today I'm celebrating being an earthling for 46 years!

I woke up  not knowing if I was excited about my life or if I was holding myself back from living life to my fullest potential. The uncertainty was the answer to my question and I felt an urge to connect with my Spirit Guide Zarius.

My morning walk turned into a Divine intervention where Zarius spoke to me:

I see you. I feel you. I hear you.

I was undressed! My worries, fears and limitations clearly showing and telling my story. I...

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Channeling The Legacy of Nelson Mandela

channelings video english | Posted Jul 02, 2021

This message, from the Legacy of Nelson Mandela, was delivered to the community members of the Rainbow Path back in October 2018. The message is a gift to humanity and reminds us how we can create unity between mankind.

I urge you to listen to the channeling several times. Read the words, then close your eyes and center yourself within your heart, and listen again. Allow the energy behind the words speak to you, and notice how it makes you feel. 

Should you experience any...

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