Are you playing with Dark entities?

podcast video english Oct 31, 2022

The topic of ghosts, dark entities, and demons have been talked about for centuries in every culture and religion, and with the help of the ascension process, more people are experiencing the dark night of the soul and waking up to their true Power. In a world of duality where light and darkness, right or wrong, love or fear, is a choice we must make every day, it’s easy to be affected by external forces driven by lower vibrations. 


I’ve dedicated much of my time to supporting sensitive, conscious children and their families to clear and cleanse spaces and energetic connections from people and places for 15 years and in this episode of The Spiritual Quest Podcast, I invited the amazing Psychic Medium Laura Van Tyne, who shares her experiences with dark forces.

Laura started out as a mother and a schoolteacher until the paranormal descended upon their home one day, and it all began with a ghost child named Annabelle. Laura had to learn how to protect her daughter and save the family's soul. Laura made it her mission to serve others who may find themselves in the deep end of the paranormal pool.

If you want to know how to protect yourself and your children from dark entities, then tune in or watch this incredible episode. I’m deeply grateful to Laura for sharing her experience and giving tips and tools to deal with lower-dimensional beings.

This episode is a must share in the battle between light and darkness!