To soulfully live life is a choice. Get simple steps from heart centered leaders to guide your path to fulfillment.

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Reinvention is an intricate part of life and more than often it's a challenge to overcome, but  you’re not in this alone. It's time to let go of self doubt and reclaim your true power!

Every stage of life has given you valuable insight to help you tune into your heart and soul.

Come join the conversation on how to reinvent life through mind, body and soul. 

Each month on the Reinventing Your Life Podcast, you’ll hear:

  • Real stories of reinvention.
  • Hear from spiritual teachers, coaches, healers and mentors.
  • Action steps to reinvent your life.


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Season Two

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Feature Paul Williamson

Author of 10 books and a Past Life and Life Between Lives Hypnoterhapy Regression Specialist.

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Feature Pete Smith

Founder of the Institute for Quantum Consciousness and author of the book Quantum Consciousness - Journey through other realms.

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Feature Paul Aurand

Award-winning Master Hypnotherapist, Author of Essential Healing & NDE survivor.

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Feature Jannecke Øinæs

Founder of Wisdom From North, the nordic platform for spiritual knowledge and personal development.

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Feature Jacqueline Ortiz

The Self-Love Diva and the author of the book Extraordinary You.

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Meet the host behind Spiritual Quest Podcast

Vibecke Garnaas

Host and Spiritual Coach

As a Spiritual coach and Life Between Lives hypnotherapy expert, I will guide you through each episode with passion. I believe everyone is on a path of self discovery, and sometimes we just need a little nudge in the right direction with loving guidance from Spirit. 

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