Are you Masking your Feelings?

english video english Aug 24, 2021

Do you sometimes feel ashamed or guilty about your own feelings?  

Do you suppress your feelings in fear of what others might think or what would happen, if you allowed yourself to speak how you feel?

I know how masking your feelings can lead to depression. I was taught in an early age, that certain feelings were not good and should be kept inside. For over a decade, I’ve helped people discover their truth and how to speak with their organic voices, and I’ve seen and felt, how damaging keeping your feelings suppressed, can be for your well being.

If you’ve felt that you’re not enough or not worthy, then you’re bottling up some low vibrational feelings, keeping you stuck in old beliefs, run by an outdated pattern in the subconscious mind. Knowing how to let go, uninstall a pattern and reprogram your mind, is essential if you want to discover who you truly are.

Are you ready to live your authentic self?

Start by allowing your emotions to shine, through your feelings. When you let go of feelings anchored within the lower vibrations such as anger, fear, shame, guilt, sadness, you shift your vibrations and you can finally create new emotions that corresponds with who you are.

Next time you feel a negative emotion in your gut, do this exercise and let go of your negative feelings:

  • Close your eyes and take three deep breaths.
  • Focus your attention on your gut feeling.
  • Say out loud, while you write down:
  • I feel ..... (feeling), I feel....., I feel...etc.
  • Keep going until you start repeating yourself. Check on your gut and notice if you feel less negative emotions. 
  • Keep going by repeating: I feel...
  • Be patient and continue until you find yourself at peace.

I’ve used this technique as part of the clearing process for years and I can guarantee that it works!

Everything you experience is energy and if you keep suppressing your feelings by masking them, then the pressure will become too big for your physical body to handle and you create disease.

Remember that you are Soul Energy in physical form, having a human experience. This knowing will help you embrace your emotions with unconditional love and allow you to experience, that your feelings, are truly a gift to be cherished.

Do you want help to unmask and clear your energy to allow more high vibrational feelings into your life? Then I’ll be happy to help you. Book your session here.