Are you aligned within the 4D?

english video english Feb 04, 2022

Back in March of 2019, I was called to facilitate a workshop with the intention of bringing the message of the shift, to those who patiently were waiting for it to happen. I spoke about the upcoming shift, which would move humanity in the direction of the dimension of Unity. I knew it had to be a global event to move the masses, but I certainly never expected it to be so personally life altering. 

The pandemic hit hard, transforming how we live life and now 2 years in, we know for certain that life will never be the same. Humanity is forever changed and now the time has come to align with the new energies by embracing a new way of living life.


Do you feel the shift within yourself?  

The shift of Frequency and the vibration of a New Earth, is transforming our way of life, and as we embrace the third year of the 7 year cycle of evolution, the Soul is calling even stronger, creating a shift in consciousness that’s effecting the lives of everyone living within the heart vibration.


Have you aligned your energy in support of the 4D?

The movement of energy, from a 3 Dimensional to a 4 Dimensional experience, is shifting the global consciousness by challenging the human way of living. What used to work in a 3 Dimensional environment does no longer serve any value or purpose, which is causing the energy to stagnate within any area of life where the energy has not been adjusted to the new frequency.


Are you a Channel of Love?

Acceptance of Soul is essential in understanding and facilitating soul energy in a purposeful way. The Universal power is always in motion and everyone is part of that motion wether we acknowledge this or not. Choosing to accept the soul and trust its connection in the Universe, allows humanity to be open and flexible to the movement of universal energy filtered through dimensions, assisting each and everyone of us in creating what our heart and soul desire.


Are you anchored within the Dimension of Unity?

It’s the Unity between souls and the power created is where magic resides. By being pure channels of love, we are creating a new earth where all life is sacred. Our human choices will reflect the acceptance of oneness.

Living a purposeful life means serving something greater than yourself, and when we join forces, the power created has no boundaries. Understanding and experiencing the power of unity, is essential to making new sustainable decisions, which is serving and respecting all life. Guided by spirit, soul and heart, we can accomplish anything and our beloved Mother Earth is now calling us to assist in her healing process.

To carry your light, to carry unconditional love, is a commitment to everything and everyone around you and in unity we create a powerful light of great importance. Welcome to the Dimension of Unity!