Ultra Talented Young Starseeds

english video english May 23, 2023

Are you inspired by "Young Starseeds" on their mission to help shift humanity into a new age of unity consciousness?

Young Starseeds possess many unique gifts and talents that they can use in service to uplift humanity and adult Starseeds just waking up to their gifts and talents, these young Starseeds are a true inspiration of how easy it can be to allow our gifts to shine. 

Whether you’re just beginning your journey or have been actively working with spiritual energies for years, this empowering conversation will help you understand different stages of awakening and ascension and learn how to embrace your purpose as a Starseed in order to elevate your consciousness.

In this episode, Steve and I touch upon:

✨ Awakening vs ascension

✨ Trusting the guidance of Spirit


✨DNA activations

✨ Feminine vs masculine energy


On a personal note, this conversation reunited me with forgotten aspects of myself. It connected the dots, helping me embrace my soul mission through a different perspective and leaving me even more grateful for the path I’ve chosen in this lifetime. 🥰

Watch the episode by clicking here.



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