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Take a leap of faith and explore a gateway to peace, healing and joy with inspiring teachers, healers, coaches, and mentors from around the world!

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  • How to create more abundance, prosperity, and wealth?
  • Start integrating Ascended Master Frequencies.
  • Shift your vibration with the help of numerology.
  • Awaken to the Power of the Universe with Zarius & The Order of 7
  • Your Soul Health & the Spiritual War
  • Actualize Your Dreams
  • Abundance Reset to your Vibrational Authentic Set-Point
  • Soul Love - A New Paradigm of Partnership
Step into a new world of possibility as you reawaken to the power and love of the Universe

Unlock access today and start your spiritual quest guided by passionate teachers from around the world, teaching you how to open yourself up by inviting divine wisdom into your life.


Introducing Masterclass



Are you longing for deeper, more meaningful connections with your soulmates, twin flames, and karmic relationships?

Or are you seeking to find or embrace the sacred union of a soul-led relationship?

In this Masterclass Manifestation Life Coach Sheila Applegate, is going to teach you how to step into a higher vibration of loving connection with those around you by exploring Five Steps to Transforming Relationships.

Imagine yourself confidently navigating your karmic, twin flame, and soulmate connections with ease and grace. A life of love, joy, clarity, balance, and unlimited potential awaits as you master the five steps to transforming any relationship. 

It’s time to increase the love in our lives and Sheila will help guide you through a powerful soul-love-conscious meditation that will lead you through the gateway to true love.

Start watching the Masterclass by clicking the video.

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Expand Your Spiritual Awareness Instantly

Transform your life for the better by seeking guidance from inspiring educators who can help you unlock spiritual knowledge  ...

How to Create Abundance, Prosperity, and Wealth?

Are you ready to release your money limitations and reprogram your relationship with money? In this Masterclass you will learn about specific tools that allow you to discover and unleash your inner power to help you create financial freedom.

Using crystal energy is one of the most powerful ways to help create more abundance, prosperity, and wealth in your life, and you will learn about the different crystals that can help you manifest what you desire most.

Imagine what your life would be like if you had all the prosperity and money you ever wanted. With this Masterclass, you're taking one giant step forward in making your dream a reality.

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Integrate Ascended Master Frequencies

Are you looking for a way to find inner peace and balance? This Masterclass will teach you an amazing technique that The London Theta Healer uses every morning to align and balance her energy.

You'll also learn how to integrate different ascended Master frequencies to create a truly Divine zone of omnipresence, tranquility, equilibrium, and joy.

Through your own experience with these Master frequencies, divinely guided by The London Theta Healer, you will become a powerful creator of your own life experience and start to create miracles in your own life with ease.


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A Little Bit of Numerology

Want to know what strength lies within your numbers? Numerology is an ancient practice that can help you understand yourself and your life path in a deeper way. It’s like getting to know yourself all over again, but this time, you have the power to change anything about yourself that you don’t like.

Learn how to use this ancient practice with Professional Numerologist Novalee Wilder as she guides you through calculating your base number, unveiling both strengths and challenges along the way so that you can start embracing them for all their innate power!

By growing an appreciation for who you truly are at heart - nothing is holding you back from achieving success and a greater sense of purpose. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve when you know yourself better than ever before.

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Reawaken To The Power of the Universe

Are you ready to fully embrace your true power and purpose? It's time to let go of the insecurities, doubts, and fears holding you back with loving guidance from the high-frequency energis Zarius & The Order of 7.

In this Masterclass you’ll learn the 7 steps of frequency activations, that will transform how you transmit energy, and help you to anchor the heart vibration.

You'll discover what spirit calls the Light-Path and together we'll ascend into higher frequencies knowing that anything is possible when we tune into Universal Love & Wisdom.

This Masterclass will allow you to take a leap of faith and trust that you have the strength and wisdom within your soul to move beyond what has kept you stuck.

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Your Soul Health & the Spiritual War

Are you interested in learning how to protect your soul and raise your frequency? Learn how to nurture and protect your soul in this invigorating masterclass! 

Experience true empowerment as you explore and expand the power of your soul! You will learn how to build a healthier soul and to protect your soul sovereignty. This Masterclass will provide insight into who’s who in the Spiritual Zoo  - including angels and entities from unseen realms, and give you effective and powerful tools such as prayers, pendulums & incense that help raise vibrational frequencies towards higher planes of consciousness – shielding yourself from lower dimensional entities.

Tap into discernment skills to guide everyday life decisions and to ensure that souls have transitioned safely into higher realms. You'll gain a deeper understanding of your soul health and the spiritual world around you.


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Actualize Your Dreams

Are you ready to unlock the power of intentional creatorship and make your 5D visions a 3D reality? Learn how to break free from traditional manifestation practices, and dive deep into spiritual Creatorship; an enlightened spiritual practice that will help you bridge the gap between what you have and what you desire.

You no longer need to imagine what it feels like to actualize your dreams; now you can experience it firsthand with the 6-part D.R.E.A.M.S sequence presented by the Purpose Doula Leandra Rose. Through her soulful lessons, and her loving guidance you can transform your path to living your most authentic fulfilling life. Drawing on spiritual guidance, love, and enthusiasm, she will help you unleash the potential within and truly actualize your dreams.

You'll also learn how to use spiritual tools and practices to shift, rewire and restructure old belief systems and limitations, allowing for miraculous things to occur in your life. Through this masterclass, Leandra Rose will guide you on a journey towards self-empowerment and spiritual liberation as she shares her wisdom and love.

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Abundance Reset to your Vibrational Authentic Set-Point

Are you ready to align your energy with the highest and greatest good?  It's time to clear out low vibrational energies, download new high-frequency energies, and reactivate your authentic vibrational set-point.  

Intuitive Light Worker & Medium Donna-Marie, is going to help you to reset your vibrational set-point using her gift to assist you in surrendering what no longer serves you and opening up to allow new activations to be downloaded.  

Learn how to stay grounded and attuned to the magnetic shifts happening around you, and help you integrate and align on a daily bases to manifest the best possible outcomes.

Through simple, yet powerful techniques you'll learn a quick and easy way to improve your energetical alignment, raise your vibration to receive better outcomes in life, feel a deep connection to your higher self, and unlock your spiritual gifts to serve your life and to co-create a more loving & compassionate world.

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Soul Love A New Paradigm of Partnership

Are you longing for deeper, more meaningful connections with your soulmates, twin flames, or karmic relationships? Or are you seeking to find the sacred union of a soul-led relationship?

In this Masterclass Manifestation Life Coach Sheila Applegate invites you to embrace your Divine Essence and open up to the gateway of oneness through Soul Love. 

You'll learn five transformative steps that will open your heart to a deeper understanding of true love — upgrading beliefs, embracing emotions, understanding need vs want, connecting through empathy, and conscious meditation — that will upgrade and transform your romantic relationships. 

Through Sheila's guided meditation, you'll connect with your soul connection and open your heart to true love.

This Masterclass will help you to:

  • Open up to the gateway of oneness through Soul Love.
  • Learn five transformative steps to open your heart to a deeper understanding of true love.
  • Gain access to your soul connection and open your heart to true love.
  • Release old stories about love and allow unconditional love into life.

Masterclass resources:

  • Download Worksheet
  • Download Soul Love Conscious Meditation


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Masterclass Resources

Ready to heal your mind and heart?

You'll get access to our Masterclass resources where you'll find spiritual tools such as guided meditations, and self-hypnosis that will help you heal your mind and heart, and help you move beyond what is keeping you from living the life your heart and soul desire.

You'll also get access to our previous podcast guests and teachers who are generously sharing their best tips with you.

Imagine how different your life could be if you had the tools to heal your mind and heart. With Spiritual Quest Masterclass Resources, you'll be on your way.

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Hear what others say about the Spiritual Quest Masterclasses

Soul Love - A New Paradigm of Relationship

I very much appreciated yesterday's masterclass about transforming relationships. The spirit of it was soothing, healing, and refreshing. 

I also very much appreciated your honesty in sharing about your partnership with your husband.  I do feel like sometimes we are so immersed in our roles that it can be very hard to communicate on the soul level.  But there is a difference for sure and it was refreshing to hear about your experiences with that:):):)

Wishing you the best,

- Tara
Soul Love - A New Paradigm of Relationship

I have few words because the meditation following Sheila's teaching was so stunning, so quietly electrifying... I often have more than one soul I seek to connect with in meditation or more than one path I think I ought to follow, and true to form, I sensed a few - one or two in Spirit and a few whom I know, but my husband came in quite definitely and I was able to communicate with him (As I heard his actually beautiful guitar strumming in the next room).

Toward the end of the meditation, I saw a beautiful being in robes of fine cloth of golden-silver threads dancing toward me. I sensed an aspect of his soul, as if from eons past. An awesome experience!

I have much to think about in these lessons and how such a meditation, as you said, Sheila, grounds us- manifesting  the Light where we are on Earth

Many thanks and Many Blessings,

- Suzanne
Abundance Reset to your Vibrational Authentic Set-Point

Just wanted to share my experience after the abundance reset. 

Leading up to the session, I was fatigued & body ached.  Prior to the session, I set the intention to be present and not be distracted. 

As soon as you began, I felt “butterfly kisses” on my cheek, then my nose, then my forehead.

Into the session, my hands - in particular, my right hand experienced some pain (like a pinprick); I felt lightheaded & dizzy.  By the end of the activation, my aches were gone & I felt calm, at peace. 

By the end of the day, my head & neck ached; I was lightheaded & tired. I was cranky too (short). 

The next morning, I was golden. I have been in a good place since … at peace, filled w gratitude, and happy. 

- Elisabeth
Abundance Reset to your Vibrational Authentic Set-Point

Thank you so much for facilitating this workshop with Donna-Marie. I had a very powerful yet brilliant experience whilst in meditation what an activation! What a gift of light!

Many blessings,

- Jane


How to Create Abundance, Prosperity, and Wealth?

There are no coincidences. I’ve been working on this for a while now and this powerful episode gave me an extra boost in my process. When money is related to your self-worth, then it’s no wonder why it’s affecting how you feel. I’m excited to create a brand new perspective and reality around energy and money. Thank you for inspiring, and sharing your vulnerability, power, and joy.

Divine money, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

- Line


How to Create Abundance, Prosperity, and Wealth?

"You deserve abundance, prosperity and wealth. But you have to make the choice and do the work. This podcast gave me so many great advice on how to look at my old truths about money and how to change those old truths. And the power of being grateful! We ALWAYS got something to be grateful for, we have to train our brain to be in that energy. What a podcast. Thank you."

- Eileen
Welcome to The Spiritual Quest Masterclasses
I'm Vibecke Garnaas, your Podcast Host and Producer.

The Spiritual Quest Masterclasses assist heart-centered people in raising their vibration and accessing their innate power and wisdom. I'm grateful for the opportunity to support your spiritual journey, and join forces with divinly guided teachers, healers, coaches and mentors from around the world. Together we'll create a more loving and compassionate world, where the soul leads the way!

Much Love,