Is your energy being trapped by outside forces?

video english Oct 04, 2022

Jade D’Crust, known as the London Theta Healer, helps people transform their lives to live the embodiment of their highest path and purpose in this lifetime through different modalities such as Theta Healing, Akashic Records Readings, connecting with Spirit Guides, Prosperity Activation, and transformative workshops. 

Her mission to help people restore their power, live out their creative potential and purpose, and be happy, comes from a place of deep knowledge after being imprisoned by Black Magic which trapped her energy.

This is a true story of how a split decision can turn the world upside down, and how fighting for your own survival is key to accepting your own Divine essence and becoming your authentic self. 

This is yet another episode that should come with a warning. In a world of duality, you always have a choice, so I ask you to listen or watch with love and compassion rather than fear and judgment.