Are you questioning your life experiences?

video english Sep 27, 2022

Why are you experiencing the things that you are? Is there a deeper meaning with things that seem meaningless to the human eye?

My podcast guest, Jade D’Cruz is an award-winning documentary filmmaker that was put under a spell that led her into the dark night of the soul, where she lost everything including her aspiring film career. She lost her power to once again reclaim her power.

Jade' story of how a split decision can turn the world upside down, and how fighting for your own survival is key to accepting your own Divine essence and becoming your authentic self, is a testament to the power every human being carries within.

Today, Jade, known as the London Theta Healer, helps people to transform their lives to start living the embodiment of their highest path and purpose in this lifetime through different modalities such as Theta Healing, Akashic Records Readings, connecting with Spirit Guides, Prosperity Activation, and transformative workshops. 

Her mission to help people restore their power, live out their creative potential and purpose, and be happy, comes from a place of deep knowledge after being imprisoned by Black Magic which trapped her energy.

Be inspired and tune in and listen to this incredible story of human transformation.