What is unfolding in Your Life in 2024?✨

channelings Dec 26, 2023


In 2024, we are blessed with powerful transmissions of frequency 5, empowering us to transcend the limitations of 3D consciousness and embrace a co-creative existence rooted in joy. It's a perfect opportunity to activate our soul resources and unlock our unique frequencies, leaving behind any need to hide and conform.

The Order reminds us that where there is energy, there is life itself. By dwelling in the past or future, we inadvertently surrender our power and perpetuate the limitations of the 3D world. But in 2024, we have a chance to rise above resolutions anchored in the old paradigm. We are multidimensional beings, capable of co-creation and manifestation at the highest level. 

During the first week of the new year, I always realign with my soul's mission and seek guidance from my Guides and Masters. This year, I invite you to join me and The Order as we activate the seven energies aligning with the universal forces of the new year.

You might even feel a deep calling from your soul to clear the path for the collective consciousness that is awakening humanity. Embrace this calling and the incredible possibilities that lie ahead! Together, let's make 2024 a year of immense growth, abundance, and empowerment!

Experience a powerful spiritual transformation like no other in the New Year! Join us for our live channeling transmission, guided by the extraordinary wisdom of Zarius & The Order of 7. Discover a path to higher consciousness, breaking free from 3D limitations and reactivating the seven life-force energies anchored within the 4th Dimension. 

Step into the extraordinary realm of 2024, where powerful transmissions of frequency 5 await - ready to ignite your hearts, souls, and desires!

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