Uncover Your Witch Wound Blocks

english online event Mar 15, 2024

Are you ready to uncover your witch wound blocks?

I believe we're all on the verge of something truly magnificent. It's become clear to me, after 16 years of helping people reclaim their power, that many of us carry hidden scars - Witch Wounds - that subtly shape our lives, muffling our voices, dulling our achievements, and curtailing our leadership dreams. It's that whisper telling you to hide your intuition and mute the colorful vibrance of your true self.

Have you found yourself minimizing your achievements, or censoring your voice for fear of judgment? Or perhaps you've noticed a reluctance to pursue leadership roles, feeling somehow unworthy or incapable. Furthermore, the suppression of your intuition or instincts might be a recurring barrier, one that dims the vibrant light of your true essence.

These blocks, while deeply rooted in our collective past, are not permanent.

Zarius & The Order of 7 invites you to a powerful live channeled transmission to illuminate and clear these blocks, allowing you to embrace your full power. This is more than an invitation; it's a turning point towards empowerment and healing. 

If you’re ready to chart a course toward wholeness, to heal the Witch Wounds and step boldly into the future as the empowered, radiant being you are meant to be? Join us, and together, let's illuminate the world with our collective light.

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