Uncover hidden Pathways through Shamanic Practices

podcast video english Mar 02, 2023

Are you feeling lost in the dark night of the soul? Are you yearning for deeper spiritual truth and a greater connection to Source energy? Or maybe you define yourself as a lightworker, visionary, or torchbearer seeking your hidden powers. Then exploring Shamanic Practices can be a great way to uncover the hidden pathways within yourself and manifest your dreams into reality. 

Being on a spiritual quest has led me to discover hidden gifts and talents in this life, and when I came across a past life as a Native American a deep sense of connectedness with Mother Earth and all her nature beings was activated. Spirit guided me to connect with Chief Seeker and Shamanic Teacher Tulin Etyemez Schimberg, to learn more about Shamanic practices, and in this episode of the Spiritual Quest Podcast, Tulin shares her knowledge, wisdom, and insight by sharing the life-changing power of shamanism. 

These powerful techniques have been used for thousands of years and offer an alternative perspective to gain insight into our lives, and by drawing on inner resources and unlocking dormant potentiality, we are able to experience greater spiritual awareness. 

With years of expertise in Past Life Regression Therapy, Tulin fuses two traditions – regression therapy & shamanism - that share an incredible resonance! With her extensive experience and founding her own Unicorn Transformation Studies school in Turkey, this Chief Seeker brings unparalleled insight into how ancient practices can help us reconnect to our true selves; reawakening divine forces to transform every aspect of our lives.

I’m very excited to share this episode and inspire you to explore a mystical realm of healing and wisdom, soulfully guided by Chief Seeker Tulin Etyemez Schimerg.

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I’ll end with a message from my Spirit Guide Impala:

“You shall walk in nature, feel its rhythm, and allow it to seduce you so that you once again can fly freely, free from the human body and its limitations.”