How are you feeling?

video english Jun 15, 2022

Let's be honest and take a closer look at how we're showing up in our own life. 

Being authentic is something most of us strive to become, but many of us, myself included, struggle sometimes with being honest about the current situation.

Standing in your own divine essence can be a challenge when we're dealing with the drama of this world, and sometimes we just need to get real and be vulnerable and to shift gear and embrace our true power. 

I invite you to join Janet Miller, The Divine Light Activator, and myself when we get real about the human experience and it's ups and downs.


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We've had some insightful conversations discussing:

  • How to protect your energy from lower vibrations and dimensions? 
  • How to cleanse your energy?
  • How past lives can affect our current lives and how to heal from them?
  • How the shift is calling on our souls to expand?

And much more!

Being guided by Spirit you never know what's going to happen! Last episode Spirit stepped forward and channeled an important message to everyone watching!✨

We allow ourselves to be guided by Spirit, and share tips and tools that we personally use and have been teaching for more than 20 years.  

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Join us live every Thursday:

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