Message from Spirit

channelings english Jan 12, 2021
Remember my friend, that you are love!

The highest form of frequency connecting you to the Divine. Your path is blessed with the essence of the Divine and only through self love will you open the portal of your heart and allow Divine intervention to appear in your life.

In your greatest despair, in your hour of need, your gateway is open to receive. Within your greatest joy, in your most precious moments, your are open to receive. That is when, my friend, your heart and soul speaks with conviction and allowing the Divine to intervene.

You must remember that you are a channel of love and through protection of self-love, your light becomes a beacon of light that reaches fare beyond your personal path in life.

Your light, your love, are the greatest gifts you bring with you on your journey to earth and life will teach you how to protect the Divine through your light path.

Listen to what your heart and soul tells you and trust that this is your path, and once again you will feel the power of the universe guiding you!


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