Have you ever taken a leap into the unknown?

english video english Feb 09, 2023

I feel like I’ve been walking through the shadows for the last couple of years, trusting my innate power to lead my path to fulfillment. It’s a strange feeling to experience hardship but knowing that this is the path that will help me to move beyond deep-rooted fears and transcend into a new state of being. Who knew that the forties would be such a purifying experience?

Change can be daunting. To take the leap into something unknown and unfamiliar requires faith, trust in yourself, and courage to embrace that which lies beyond our comfort zone - yet also the beauty of self-acceptance for who we are today.

In this episode of the Spiritual Quest Podcast, I have a soul-led conversation with the radiate being, Leandra Rose, whose mission is to help visionary women achieve success in life, love, and business. As a Purpose Duola, she helps women Rise to reclaim their power, Shine unapologetically, and Thrive by turning wisdom into wealth and creating a thriving heart-led business.

Leandra’s story is about finding strength amidst difficulty and accepting her calling with intense gratitude. With her wisdom, insight, and knowledge about human development and potential, she shares how to free yourself from fear-driven decisions by believing in your inner light - allowing it to lead the way without getting caught up trying to figure out all the ‘hows'.

I love the flow of a heart-centered conversation and this conversation filled me with so much joy, inspiration, and gratitude for the human experience, and I’m thrilled to share it with you.

Take a leap of faith and tune in on your favorite podcast app or watch the episode by clicking here.