How to Shift your Money Reality?

video english Sep 18, 2022

Are you experiencing lack or scarcity when it comes to money? 

If are you struggling with money imprints or limiting beliefs about money, this conversation will shine a light on how you can overcome money limitations using specific tools that allow you to discover, release and reprogram your relationship with money. 

Indrani Sinha Seth is a holistic Coach, wellness consultant, Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist, Transpersonal Regression Therapist, and Life Between Lives Hypnotherapist, and my co-host on the Discover Life Between Lives Wisdom Podcast.

Indrani believes her work is a way of living in synchronicity with her life mission and fulfilling her vision of evolving collective consciousness. 

This is no ordinary podcast, but a Masterclass on how to change your money reality and become a channel for Abundance, Prosperity, and Wealth. Watch or listen to the episode and receive exercises and techniques that will shift and change your money reality.

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