Full Moon Channeling

Have you felt it?🌕✨

The upcoming full moon has left a strong impact on me, activating the unhealed shadow side of humanity and bringing it to the surface, allowing tears to flow freely.

As we journey through life, our star maps guide our souls, helping us navigate the highs and lows of our 3D reality. Our life force energy acts as a compass, providing us with insight into where we stand on this profound journey. During times of transformative change, The Order brings much-needed clarity and support


Livestream Starts:

Thursday, January 25th at 6 PM CET | 12 PM EDT | 9 AM PST


In the upcoming Livestream, The Order will deliver a collective message to support your soul's journey. You can join the Livestream on my YouTube channel or the Facebook group Dimension of Unity.

I truly hope to see you there, as we rise together in the embrace of a more loving and compassionate world!🙏🏻🌍✨❤️🌈