Have you had contact with the Dark side?

eng video english Oct 27, 2022

Have you had contact with ghosts, lower-dimensional entities, or experienced paranormal activities?

More and more people are speaking up and sharing their experiences with other dimensions, and connecting with different beings, and just like here on earth, not all beings are good.

My guest, Laura Van Tyne started out as a mother and a schoolteacher until one day the paranormal descended upon their home. It all began with a ghost child named Annabelle and Laura had to learn how to protect her daughter and save the family's soul.

In this episode of the Spiritual Quest Podcast, you'll hear real life stories of how dark entities are roaming our dimension, fighting the light. So, how can we protect our children and ourselves from being an easy targets for these lower-dimensional entities?

Laura made it her mission to serve others who may find themselves in the deep end of the paranormal pool. She’s a Psychic Medium, author of the book SoulTribe, and founder of The Karmic Path, and in this episode Laura shares her best tools and techniques for cleansing and protecting your energy and sacred space.

Belive it or not, this episode was not planned to be released right before Halloween, but as you probably know, there are no coincidences and if you're reading this, then listen to your intuition and tune in.