A gift from Spirit!

channelings english Oct 26, 2021
Vibecke Garnaas
A gift from Spirit!

Today I'm celebrating being an earthling for 46 years!

I woke up  not knowing if I was excited about my life or if I was holding myself back from living life to my fullest potential. The uncertainty was the answer to my question and I felt an urge to connect with my Spirit Guide Zarius.

My morning walk turned into a Divine intervention where Zarius spoke to me:

I see you. I feel you. I hear you.

I was undressed! My worries, fears and limitations clearly showing and telling my story. I felt liberated knowing that I didn't need to hide or try to be someone I'm not. The love from my Spirit Guide was pouring in, embracing me with unconditional love.

It was then I received a blessing:

Speaking your truth with Grace and Gratitude will impact every aspect of your human life. It's what will open your heart to allow Divine intervention to unfold. It's the greatest gift you bring to the human experience, allowing your true essence to shine.

In that moment I felt the flow of soul energy in motion. I sat down to meditate on the blessing I had received and picked up to the book Awaken to The Power of the Universe, which I channeled back in 2013. I asked to receive more clarity on my blessing, and I felt my fingers being guided. I open the book on Chapter 7, The Human Race. If you want to hear what was being channeled, then listen to the audio on top of this page.

There are no coincidences in life and choosing to trust in Divine guidance is key to living a peace- and joyful life.   

A perfect reminder of how precious life is! It's all I wished for! The greatest gifts are always given in unconditional love.❤️