Visitation From Star Beings 🌟

english video english May 30, 2023

It’s time to unlock the Secrets of your Starseed Origin and unveil your galactic Heritage!

Get ready to broaden your perspective and journey to the stars with Podcast guest, Lily Nova, an ET contactee and Starseed, who has documented close encounters with UFOs and been featured in mainstream media.

Lily's mission is to spread her inspiring message and help others connect with enlightened Star beings and their Star Families. It's time to have an honest and open conversation about this phenomenon, and I’m breaking the silence and sharing my personal experiences with Extraterrestrials today!

We'll dive into this fascinating phenomenon, uncovering intriguing truths about Extraterrestrials along the way. It's time to unlock the Secrets of our Starseed Origins – watch the full episode by clicking here