3 Natural ways to clearing blocks

english Sep 20, 2021

Do you know that clearing out blocks is a natural process?

If you've been cleansing your energy on a regular basis, then you probably know that long term blocks causes disease. When you're in alignment your energy flows naturally, allowing you to create what your heart and soul desire.


What causes the energy to become blocked?

Blocked energy shows up when you haven’t changed how you think and feel about a certain situation or relationship over a period of time, keeping you stuck in the past and causing you to worry about the future. Honouring your emotions, meaning being aware and conscious about how you feel, is key when it comes to clearing out blocks. 
Consciously clearing your energy, will help you stay in tune with your heart and soul, giving you more energy to create the life you want.
No. 1 Free Your Mind
Honour your feelings by writing them down. Your subconscious mind is trying to tell you what you need to know, and to get to the root cause, you must first empty your emotional tank, which will give you more clarity and help you reprogram your limiting beliefs. 
No. 2 Chakra Clearing
Clear your chakra’s with the help of music, guided meditation or energy workout, for instance qigong or yoga, will help you into the flow. Another great way is through Conscious Breathing, where you breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Breath in while you count to 4, hold for 5 and breath out for 7. When you breath out, say to yourself: RELEASE. Repeat 10 times.


N0. 3: Intention Meditation
Start your day with a morning meditation where you ground your physical body, realign your energy, and open up to the Guidance of Spirit, through prayer or affirmations. When you ground your body, consciously release any blocks, through your grounding cords and remember to use your breath, and release as you exhale. 
After you've cleared your energy, I recommend you end with taking a peaceful walk in nature. Be in the moment and allow yourself to feel the connection with Mother Earth, receive her purification and allow her to reignite your passion in life.
These  3 practices, will help you clear your blocks, but unless you change how you transmute energy throughout your mind and body, the blocks will reappear and you’ll only have temporary relief. If you want to transform your life, then you want to reprogram your subconscious mind and to be a channel of love. 
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