Do you doubt your ability to live a prosperous life?

english Nov 21, 2023

At times, I have found myself doubting my own worth, leaving me feeling undeserving. The experience of feeling inadequate or not smart enough has been a constant reminder of a challenging childhood, where I struggled to fit in and felt judged for being different.

Perhaps you've had similar experiences that have shaped how you perceive life through the lens of the 3D. From an early age, I was taught that some individuals deserved more respect, making them more important and powerful than others. However, this perspective never resonated with me, and I remained skeptical of anyone claiming to know better than others.

Navigating through life, I found solace and struggled to fit into a world that seemed to prioritize the power of others while dismissing our own. Growing up in a society ruled by the 3D paradigm, the need for survival often prevailed. Witnessing how easily people gave away their power out of fear of punishment or judgment for their own beliefs, I withdrew and turned inward to protect myself. In the solitude of my room, I would play with my imaginary friends, finding joy and feeling on top of the world. But as soon as I stepped into school, the fear of judgment hindered me from embracing my authentic self.

Breaking free from the constraints of the 3D paradigm has been a challenging journey, and I'm aware of how easy it is to fall back into old patterns when we're out of alignment with our authentic selves. Every time negative emotions surface, I know that a part of me is clinging onto a 3D belief, separating me from speaking my truth and fully embodying authenticity. In these moments, I shift my perspective by questioning the purpose and origin of these beliefs. Understanding the lessons they hold releases the emotions, enabling me to trust in my innate power to navigate life's challenges.

The guidance I've received from Zarius & The Order of 7 has played a vital role in my personal growth. Their unconditional love has fueled my journey, and I feel honored to share their teachings as a channeler. The trust I have in myself, the acceptance of my unique journey, and the acknowledgment of my innate power have been instrumental in creating a prosperous life.

So, returning to my initial question: if you find yourself doubting your ability to manifest abundance, it may be the 3D programming that keeps you trapped in lower frequencies such as fear, anger, shame, guilt, and judgment. These outdated beliefs create a loop, constantly reminding you that you are not enough. But know that you have the power to break free and embrace a higher vibration.

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