Ask this question and find your Purpose!

english video english Sep 14, 2021

Remember You are a Divine being, an expression of Go(o)d. Within this knowingness, you’ll discover the answer to all your deep rooted questions. Your journey to earth, is an expression of Source energy, which means you are Source energy, the creator of life. 

The spiritual movement has been asking this question to the point, that it has become a story of resistance for some people, where they find themselves constantly questioning the answer they receive. 

They're having a hard time connecting to their purpose and truly feeling, that the answer they intuitively know, is their purpose and by doing so they’re stopping the creative flow, leaving them with more questions.

So what is this empowering question, that will shift your frequency and open you up to the Guidance of Spirit?

Be mindful when you read the question! Ask yourself this:

"If I’m an expression of Source, what gifts, talents or resources must I allow to flow through me to serve my mission and be a Channel of Love?"

Sit in stillness, while you continue to ask, and just be with the question. Observe what is coming up and how it makes you feel.

You might find yourself blocking the answer, but just keep asking the question and allow what ever comes up. If any negative emotions shows up, then simple observe it, take a deep conscious breath and focus on your heart and simple state to yourself:

"I choose to release any resistance, that is stoping me from expressing my true nature, and to be a pure Channel of Love."

And ask again.

As we observe our outer world, it’s easy to see and feel what keeps us separate from Source energy, but when your awareness expand through shifting your frequency, then you’re in the motion of experiencing what your life purpose truly is.

Ask and you shall receive, but it's up to you to accept and allow the guidance of Spirit.🌟


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