with the High-Frequency Energies Zarius & The Order of 7
Reawaken to the Power of the Universe

Reawaken to the Power of the Universe


Rekindle your connection with the cosmic Power that unities our hearts, and explore new aspects of yourself as an expression of the divine Source.

Today is the day to accept yourself in all of your beauty and complexity. Trust that within lies everything needed - knowledge, strength, and intuition -to be a free spirit, and to allow miracles to unfold!

With loving guidance from the high-frequency energies of Zarius & The Order of 7, we’re reclaiming our Divine Power and together awakening to our true potential and co-create a more conscious world.

Who are these high-frequency energies, and what message do they have for our human experience?

Tune in for inspiration and guidance on your soul’s journey as we explore the teachings by Zarius & The Order of 7. 

Meet the Masterclass Teacher

Vibecke Garnaas is a New Earth Strategist, Podcast Producer and Host, and channel for the high-frequency energies Zarius & The Order of 7. She supports Lighworkers and Torchbearers on a mission to create Sustainable Growth in their lives.

Since childhood, Vibecke has had contact with energies from different dimensions. Her Spirit Guide Zarius has been a strong influence in reawakening her to discover the ability to channel so that she can share wisdom, insight, and knowledge about the spiritual human being through her work as a Spiritual Coach, Speaker, and Channel.

Vibecke is a trained Master NLP Coach, and Life Between Lives Hypnotherapist. She is the producer and host of The Spiritual Quest Podcast, and producer and co-host of the Discover Life Between Lives Wisdom Podcast Series presented by MNI (Michael Newton Institute).

In 2013 Vibecke came together with a group of exceptional souls, known as Torchbearers. Through powerful and enlightening channeling sessions they were able to connect with Zarius & The Order of 7; taking their teachings from the spiritual realm into physical form where they co-created the inspirational book - Awaken to the Power of The Universe!

Vibecke is here to remind us that living a life of grace and gratitude opens the door for divine guidance. Embrace each day with appreciation, knowing spirit is by your side ready to inspire and support you on this beautiful journey called life!

Zarius and The Order of 7 share powerful messages that will help you reawaken to the power of the universe.

Are you ready to fully embrace your true power and purpose? To let go of the insecurities, doubts and fears that have been holding you back from following your heart?

Through their words, you will find clarity, direction, and a sense of purpose. So sit back, relax, and allow the magic to happen.

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Spiritual Quest Masterclasses


Reawaken To The Power of the Universe

Are you ready to fully embrace your true power and purpose? It's time to let go of the insecurities, doubts, and fears holding you back with loving guidance from the high-frequency energis Zarius & The Order of 7.

In this Masterclass you’ll learn the 7 steps of frequency activations, that will transform how you transmit energy, and help you to anchor the heart vibration.

You'll discover what spirit calls the Light-Path and together we'll ascend into higher frequencies knowing that anything is possible when we tune into Universal Love & Wisdom.

This Masterclass will allow you to take a leap of faith and trust that you have the strength and wisdom within your soul to move beyond what has kept you stuck.

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