Discover the wonders of light language
The Power of Light Language with Channel Maria Fink

Unlock Your Highest Potential with Light Language

With Channeler Maria Fink

Discover the wonders of light language as we embark on a mystical journey with Maria Fink, an extraordinary multidimensional healer, Blue Ray Feline Sirian Starseed.

In this episode, Maria will help you to reawaken the boundless potential within your body, mind, emotions, and spirit by immersing yourself in the transformative power of light language transmissions. 

It's time to embrace your true essence, and let the stars guide you to the luminous path of inner healing and self-discovery!

Meet the Guest & Masterclass Teacher

Maria Fink is a multidimensional healer, a Blue Ray Feline Sirian Starseed using her clairaudient and clairvoyant gifts to improve her life and the lives of others.

She’s studied various healing techniques, whereas Past Life Regression and Hypnosis turned out to be the most influential, opening her up to a whole new level of understanding and integration which is how Yanna Healing, her signature healing tool, came to life.

After a profound heart-opening experience, Maria spontaneously started speaking Light Language, and now she is working with several groups of Divine beings and galactic races to help people clear trauma, remove stuck energy, dark implants, and imprints of rituals to mention a few.

In this Masterclass, Maria will unlock the keys to healing depression. Through Light Language, she will help you clear away negative energies, limiting beliefs and emotional blocks. Get ready to embrace a brighter version of yourself!

Healing Depression

Unlocking the Keys to Healing Depression

Experience healing like never before in our exclusive masterclass!

Living with depression can be an overwhelming and lonely experience that often comes with feelings of guilt and shame. You might feel stuck in a cycle of sadness that has no end, and you don’t know how to find your way back to feeling like your true self again.

Imagine banishing the negative thoughts, letting go of the emotional blocks, and embracing the positive energy that is always within you. There is hope, and healing is possible. You have the power to create lasting change!

Join us as we embark on a transformative journey to clear away any negative energies and thoughts that may be holding you back. Through the incredible power of Light Language, we will release entities, hooks, implants, and negative mind patterns, replacing them with empowering thoughts and healing emotions. Whether you're joining us live or watching the recording, this customized experience will connect you with your soul and Higher Selves of all participants. Get ready to unleash your true potential and radiate positive energy!



Your Sacred Journey

Your chosen path is Divinely guided to explore the Universal truth of One Love through embracing your authenticity and expressing your organic voice within this life experience.

In these times of exceptional change, being an empath or Starseed on Mother Earth can be quite challenging. The surrendering of lower-density vibrations is shifting how we as a collective show up in this world, and is encouraging us to step into our Power and share our gift, and to co-create a more loving and compassionate world!

You have all the answers you seek to create what your heart and soul desire and it’s essential to your healing and well-being to follow your intuition and move beyond your human conditioning and limitations to allow your Power to shine fully, and the Spiritual Quest Masterclass teachers are on a mission to help you to reawaken, discover your gifts, and help you to ascend into your highest potential to create sustainable growth in your life.

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