Author of K9 Spirit Guides Heather Leigh Strom
Channeling K9 | Instant Healing with K9 Guidance

Channeling Canines: Instant Healing with K9 Guidance

With the Author of K9 Spirit Guides, Heather Leigh Strom

In this soul-stirring episode, Heather Leigh invites us to embark on a spiritual journey into the heart of the K9 realm. She shares her experiences that have led to profound spiritual awakening, unveiling the mystical bond between humans and their loyal companions. 

Our furry companions, often viewed simply as pets, carry powerful and wise spirits within them. They have so much to teach us and guide us through their unconditional love and loyalty.

Heather's work with K9 guidance highlights the importance of connecting with nature and tapping into our intuition. By learning from the pure energy of dogs, we can learn to live in harmony with ourselves and the world around us.

Guided by the wisdom of the K9 spirit guides, we delve deep into the healing power of man’s best friend.

Meet the Guest & Masterclass Teacher

Heather Leigh Strom

Her life has been intertwined with that of canines, yet it was through their spiritual companionship that she found her true calling.

As a celebrated author and recognized healer, Heather brings decades of both competitive dog training and profound spiritual connection to her teachings.

Her unique life story is filled with transformational wisdom and insights, and her ability to channel the energy and guidance of the K9 spirit guides enables her to impart powerful healing and spiritual elevation to others.

Introducing the Masterclass



Step into a space where serenity and connection flow effortlessly with the K9 Spirit Guides. 

This Masterclass is a celebration of the intimate connections we share with our K9 companions, connections that transcend our understanding and teach us the purest forms of love and guidance. 

This unique Masterclass, led by the acclaimed Author and K9 Channeler, Heather Leigh Strom, taps into the mystical bond between humans and dogs to unveil the secrets of divine elation. It promises to be more than just a Masterclass; consider it an opportunity for an energetic upgrade, a pivotal moment of growth, and a beacon of light for those grappling with life's challenges.

These unique spiritual energies are here to guide us on OUR journeys of healing, growth, wisdom, transformation, spiritual evolution, and ascendency.

In this extraordinary masterclass, you can anticipate a truly profound encounter with two of the K9 spirit guides, Anthea and Oeragon. Through a guided process facilitated by Heather Leigh, you will form an energetic connection with these guides.

Imagine a state of joy that had once seemed beyond reach, now flowing within you as you journey through this soulful experience.


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