Author of Radical Intuition Kim Chestney
The Hidden Power of Insight Cards

The Hidden Power of Insight Cards

Opening a Dialogue with Your Higher Self

With Author of Radical Intuition Kim Chestney 

Discover the transformative power of Insight Cards and learn how to incorporate them into your spiritual journey.

Join podcast guest Kim Chestney as she unveils the remarkable potential of these cards to connect with your higher self.

Created with love and artistic brilliance, Kim is offering her insight cards as a tool for deep and meaningful communication with the universe. Unlike tarot cards, they draw upon your own inner wisdom, eliminating the need for external information.

With their captivating imagery and profound vibrations, these cards provide a secure and empowering environment for your intuition to receive Divine guidance.

Join us for an enlightening & therapeutic conversation as we embark on a journey of self-discovery and embrace the limitless potential that insight cards have to offer.

Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the hidden power within and open a dialogue with your higher self.

Meet the Guest & Masterclass Teacher

Kim Chestney is a renowned author and teacher, dedicated to empowering people to live extraordinary lives through intuitive consciousness. She is the brilliant mind behind IntutionLab, an international school that teaches a practical approach to awakening our innate intuitive nature.

This Masterclass is your Golden ticket to unlocking the hidden magic of the universe! Go beyond the limits of time and space and tap into your innate intuition with this Quantum Intelligence Masterclass.

Learn to harness your intuition, connect with your higher self, and open your mind to the extraordinary. Embark on a journey where the impossible becomes possible.

Introducing the Masterclass



Are you ready to venture into the depths of your intuitive abilities?

We all sometimes get intuitions or hunches that turn out to be correct. But what if these experiences aren't just coincidences? What if they point to a deeper quantum intelligence within us all?

By understanding intuition as a phenomenon beyond the limits of time and space, you can unlock the magic of the universe. 

Imagine intuitively knowing the right paths to take and having an inner compass that steers you toward growth and purpose. By understanding your innate quantum intelligence, you can unlock dormant abilities and create the magical life you were meant for.

In this Masterclass on using your intuition to unlock the magic within, we'll explore quantum intelligence and how you can develop your innate abilities.

By personally experiencing "impossible things" like precognition, telepathy, remote viewing, and past lives, we can develop our intuitive ability and find the truth of life. Through channeling our higher selves, we can access a deep dimension that holds limitless potential. Join us for a presentation on quantum intelligence and a workshop on using insight cards to unlock your innate abilities.


Your Sacred Journey

Spiritual Quest Treasure Chest – the portal to higher consciousness where your heart and soul's desires come alive.

Imagine unlocking a portal that gives you access to higher consciousness and taps into your heart and soul’s deepest desires. With this portal, you can discover masterclasses, meditations, self-hypnosis, activations, channeling and workbooks that will help you transcend into higher vibrations and frequencies. 

Gain clarity about your path so that you may step fully into your uniqueness and trust that your heart & soul will lead the way.

Open the Spiritual Treasure Chest to experience all of this from the comfort of your own home. Divinely guided experts have provided an abundance of resources for every step of your journey - all in one Sacred Place!

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