Navigating the Spiritual realms
Reinventing Your Life with Psychic Medium Laura Van Tyne

Reinventing Your Life with
 Psychic Medium Laura Van Tyne


Laura Van Tyne was an ordinary mother and teacher until one day the extraordinary descended upon their home in the form of a ghost child named Annabelle.

From this experience, Laura found her life's purpose to serve those who find themselves deep within the paranormal waters. Her bravery was not without reward though as it opened up vast potentials within herself - unlocking psychic mediumship powers through which she could serve those who found themselves lost in spiritual realms.

Laura is a true trailblazer who specializes in unlocking spiritual realms for her clients and readers alike. She has created pathways of etheric protection, designed to help us shield ourselves from the many barriers that prevent our souls from accessing their full potential, and in this episode you'll learn more about how you can protect yourself against spiritual threats. Before you listen, please take a moment to center yourself within your heart and ask your spiritual team for protection.


Meet the Guest & Masterclass Teacher

Laura Van Tyne, is a remote viewer and speaker with an expertise in Crossing Over, Parasitic Implant Removal and Quantum Healing Hypnosis amongst many others Spiritual Arts. She guides us to unlock our true potential through soul sovereignty and free will - helping discover solutions for etheric protection that protect against spiritual threats while raising your frequency. 

Laura is a multi-faceted luminary who hovers between the realms of this world and beyond. She provides tools to help us transcend barriers, heal deep wounds, remove energetic implants that limit our potential, connect with our own inner power through Hypnosis therapy and Spiritual Retrieval; all while advocating for Soul health and well-being!

In her widely acclaimed book Soul Tribe she shares invaluable insight on how we can use spiritual awakening as an invitation to truly thrive in life by growing relationships with higher selves & manifesting powerful soul tribes around us.

Laura's work inspires an empowered state of being filled with love, serenity, soulfulness -all necessary requirements to reaching ultimate freedom!

Learn how to nurture and protect your soul in this invigorating Masterclass! 

Discover who’s who in the Spiritual Zoo - including angels and entities from unseen realms. You'll also uncover powerful tools like prayers, meditations, pendulums & incense sticks that can help raise your frequency vibrationally toward higher planes of consciousness, and protect you from lower dimensional entities.

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Spiritual Quest Masterclasses


Your Soul Health & the Spiritual War

Are you interested in learning how to protect your soul and raise your frequency? Learn how to nurture and protect your soul in this invigorating masterclass! 

Experience true empowerment as you explore and expand the power of your soul! You will learn how to build a healthier soul and to protect your soul sovereignty. This Masterclass will provide insight into who’s who in the Spiritual Zoo  - including angels and entities from unseen realms, and give you effective and powerful tools such as prayers, pendulums & incense that help raise vibrational frequencies towards higher planes of consciousness – shielding yourself from lower dimensional entities.

Tap into discernment skills to guide everyday life decisions and to ensure that souls have transitioned safely into higher realms. You'll gain a deeper understanding of your soul health and the spiritual world around you.

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