Trusting Your Divine Guidance
An Intimate Relationship with the Divine with Manifestation Coach Sheila Applegate

Do you trust Divine guidance? 

Are you allowing yourself to be a conduit for your soul's resources?

Earth school is no easy task, but when you connect with people soul to soul, then you’re reminded of how beautiful and powerful the human experience truly is, and that we’re all in this together through oneness.

My guest is a pure channel of love, and through her twenty-five years of channeling the Divine Feminine, Sheila Applegate has developed an intimate relationship with the Divine.

If you feel that your life purpose is one of service, then grounding yourself within the earth experience is essential for your well-being. Tune in to hear how living from a soul state will allow you to be a channel of love and manifest what your heart and soul desire without questioning how it will unfold.

Trust in your Divinity and allow it to guide you throughout your day!

Meet the Guest & Masterclass Teacher

Podcast guest Sheila Applegate is a pure channel of love! Through her twenty-five years of channeling the Divine Feminine, Sheila has developed an intimate relationship with the Divine. And together they forged a path for her to access all levels of consciousness while navigating her daily life with joy.

As a clinical therapist, motivational presenter, author, and teacher, Sheila’s passion is to provide a forum for people to process emotions and integrate spiritual understanding into their daily lives. Her first book, Enchanted One: The Portal to Love, is a work of love that weaves together messages from the Divine Feminine and highlights her personal experiences in embracing the full spectrum of human emotion.

Sheila encourages people to embrace their passions as service on earth by living within the Spirit of Enchanted Oneness.


A New Paradigm of Partnership

Are you longing for deeper, more meaningful connections with your soulmates, twin flames, and karmic relationships? Are you seeking to find the sacred union of a soul-led relationship?

In this Masterclass Manifestation Life Coach, Sheila Applegate invites you to embrace your Divine Essence and open up to the gateway of oneness through Soul Love. 

Learn five transformative steps that will open your heart to a deeper understanding of true love — upgrading beliefs, embracing emotions, understanding need vs want, connecting through empathy, and conscious meditation — that will upgrade and transform your romantic relationships. 

It’s time to increase the love in our lives and Sheila will help guide us through a powerful soul-love-conscious meditation that will lead us through the gateway to unconditional love. 

If you’re ready to release the old stories about love and to allow unconditional love into your life, then this Masterclass will serve you well.

Join us for this heartfelt and romantic exploration of our soul’s relationships - a new paradigm of Partnership.

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Your Sacred Journey

Your chosen path is Divinely guided to explore the Universal truth of One Love through embracing your authenticity and expressing your organic voice within this life experience.

In these times of exceptional change, being an empath or Starseed on Mother Earth can be quite challenging. The surrendering of lower-density vibrations is shifting how we as a collective show up in this world, and is encouraging us to step into our Power and share our gift, and to co-create a more loving and compassionate world!

You have all the answers you seek to create what your heart and soul desire and it’s essential to your healing and well-being to follow your intuition and move beyond your human conditioning and limitations to allow your Power to shine fully, and the Spiritual Quest Masterclass teachers are on a mission to help you to reawaken, discover your gifts, and help you to ascend into your highest potential to create sustainable growth in your life.

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