Episode 1

Reinvent Your Life with Self Love

My first guest call herself the Self-love Diva. She’s the author of the book: Extraordinary You and she’s the creator of the Self Love Mastery Course: The Superpower YOU Need To Attract True Love, Abundance, Joy, & YOUR Heart’s Desires!

Jacqueline Ortiz, integrates her passion for mind, body, spirit and environment to empower women to breakthrough, cultivate and elevate their level of Self Love & Self Confidence; thereby raising their vibration to attract deeply loving relationships & their heartfelt desires. 

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Spiritual Quest Always Guided by Spirit
Reinventing Your Life with Self-Love Diva Jacqueline Ortiz

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6 Step Interactive Hypnosis Meditative Healing Process

Jacqueline, The Self-Love Diva, takes you on an adventure to reconnect with your inner child and reclaim your power from past events.

Check out her Self Love Mastery Course by clicking the link below. 

Self Love Mastery

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