Hi! I'm Vibecke

I have since 2008, been assisting people to embrace their true essence by helping them to reconnect with Spirit and start facilitating their soul energy to create the life they desire and dream of by living from the soul state. Living on purpose, I know first hand how important it is to live from a soul state, not only to master your soul purpose, but to make a difference in the world by serving through your special gift. 

I use my gift, as a Channel for high frequency energies, to bring insight, knowledge and wisdom about the  spiritual quest all humans are experiencing through life. Following my heart and soul, I have been blessed with the most amazing and life transforming opportunities within TV, radio, spiritual trips to powerful locations around the world and my favoritt, connecting with heart centred people coming together in unity to serve something greater than themselves. 

I heard my Soul Calling me

Growing up, I naturally listen to my soul. I followed my passions and continuously stepped out of my comfort zone to challenge myself and my surroundings. Looking back, I was pretty fearless and when someone told me I couldn’t do something, I made it my fuel to showcase to the world that I could do anything I decided. It wasn’t until Junior High my understanding of who I am, was challenged by my peers and in one defining moment, my world changed and I slowly started to close the window to my soul and soon I couldn’t hear it anymore.

Blessed with visions of how my life would play out, I knew that I would get married and have two girls at the age of thirty, but then there was darkness. I remember talking to my mother when I was in my mid-twenties, questioning why I couldn't see what would happen to me after the age of thirty. Jumping a head, I know now why spirit chose to protect me from seeing what my life lessons would entail.

In my darkest hour, when I questioned if life was something I wanted to continue, that’s when it happened! After 15 years of silence, I finally heard the whispers of my soul calling on me to open the window to my heart, ignite my passion for life and start living with grace and gratitude for the life I have chosen!

I choose to always be guided by spirit and to live from the soul state. Life has taught me the importance of being authentic and transparent about who I am and why I do what I do. 

With loving guidance from my spirit guide Zarius, I embarked on a spiritual quest, where I discovered how to serve through my gift and share it with the world through my soul purpose. I found my path in life and started to develop skills to support my life purpose. I got my certificates as a master NLP coach, hypnotherapist, Time Line therapist and Life Between Lives hypnotherapist certified by the Newton Institute.

In 2014, I self published my book Awaken to the Power of the Universe. This book contains excerpts from channeling sessions with a group of people over a period of one year. The messages are verbatim, transcribed from audio recordings and since then, I’ve been traveling between Norway and the US sharing my gift through channeling sessions, workshops and spiritual walks in nature.

My decision to always be guided by spirit, has given me the most amazing opportunities and wonderful gifts including meeting my husband after being on the Norwegian version of the hit TV show, The Bachelor. I was able to develop my gift on the Norwegian TV show The Sixth Sense, and help people find love on a dating show (Sigrid søker selskap).  My latest adventure, I regressed back in time to experience life on a farm in 1919 on the most popular reality show in Norway, the Farm (Farmen 2019).

My journey has been life transforming and has allowed me to take my purpose to a new level through my nonprofit foundation Soul Energy in Motion. I’ve had the pleasure of working with people from different places around the world, and now I’m ready to serve on a Global scale as a New Earth Strategist, Spiritual Coach and Channel for Zarius & The Order of 7. 

Thank you for reading my story! I would love to inspire and empower you on your personal spiritual quest. I'll be happy to send you free content, online training programs and other transformational offers that will help you master your soul purpose. 


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Love & light💖