Spiritual Quest

Your 12 week Spiritual Quest is about to start! Being clear about who you are, what you are here to accomplish and how you can master your Soul Purpose is a necessity in creating a purpose driven life. 


  • Have you asked yourself, why you are on Mother Earth right now?

  • Do you believe, that there is something greater waiting for you in life?

  • Do you want to serve through your soul purpose?

  • Do you feel an urgency, when it comes to living a life on purpose?

  • Do you want your voice to make a difference in the world?

  • Do you feel there is something missing in life?


January 2020, we started a new cycle, that shifted the vibration and frequency on the physical plane. New waves of energy, created by Universal force, is now available to everyone that is living within the heart vibration. It’s up to you and I, to embrace this shift and use it to serve something greater through our Soul Purpose. If you anchor yourself within the heart, you will experience the magnitude of this shift giving nourishment to what your heart and soul desires.

There is nothing more important in life, then loving who you truly are and sharing that love with the world. Knowing what your gifts are,  why you embody these gifts and how you can make this your superpower will transform your life! 


  • If you've ever felt lonely while standing in your truth, then you're not alone. Being able to open up and connect soul to soul is essential for the alignment of body, mind and spirit. Our one on one connection, is not only important to me, but it's the most powerful tool, when exploring your personal spiritual quest.
  • If you've every asked for a sign from Spirit to help you move forward in life, then now is your chance! Guidance from Spirit will help you get clarity to any questions you may have about your souls journey on earth. 
  • If your intuition tells you that you're here to serve by using your superpower to help others, then we're in it together. Only through unity can we make a difference on a greater scale by supporting each other in the creation of a new earth.
  • If you've ever felt misunderstood, then our soul to soul, heart to heart conversations will help you shift your perception of why and set yourself free.
  • If you've found yourself using the same tools, over and over again, and ending up more or less in the same spot, then it's time to challenge the mind and step out of your comfort zone by trying something new. 

Webinar 12 weeks Spiritual Quest Journey

Did you miss out on the complimentary webinar? No worries, I'm happy to share it right here for the world to see. Should you have any questions about the 12 week program, please use the contact page to submit your question.


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Work with me One on One. I love working one on one and connecting soul to soul. There's no one-fits all formula and I'll make sure you get the support and guidance you need to Master your Soul Purpose. We'll meet on zoom for one hour sessions, 3 times during your 12 week Spiritual Quest Journey.


Your private channeling session with Zarius & The Order of 7. You'll have this unique opportunity to have your personal 30 minute sit-down with spirit, where you can ask any question your heart and soul desire. Zarius & The Order of 7 is a group consisting of high frequency energies speaking the universal truth, bringing messages, insight and knowledge to those who seek the light.


Access to Spiritual Quest Online Workspace consisting of channeled messages about the souls journey on earth, meditations and videos in support of your spiritual quest. This is the place where I use my gift and allow spirit to bring important and inspiring messages, that will shift your vibration and frequency in support of your Soul Purpose.


  • You want to stand in your personal truth and be a channel of love.
  • You want to live life with love, joy, happiness, abundance and grace!
  • You want to serve and make a difference in the world. 
  • You want to redesign your way of living and create a sustainable life.
  • You want to make money serving through your Soul Purpose.
  • Discover your superpower and proudly share it with the world!


I've had the privilege of working, one on one, with Vibecke. Her knowledge and insight about the spiritual human being, is nothing less than extraordinary. Her ability to always see the light in others, is one of her greatest abilities. She's helped me become a master of my soul purpose and I'm proud to say that I'm living my life on purpose. This 12-week Spiritual Quest is made easy to follow, even though it challenges your mind. My personal spiritual quest was both joyful and enlightening, but also challenging for my human self. The meditations provided gave me peace of mind and helped me move through the challenges, and I'm happy to say, that I'm living the life my heart and soul desire. 

- Hilde V.

I'm grateful to have been able to learn from Vibecke and receive channeled information in support of my souls resources. She has an uniq way of teaching how to live from a soul state, that challenges your mind and opens your heart. The tools provided has been of great help for my journey. Thank you, Vibecke!

- Kjetil H.