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Zarius & The Order of 7

Are you ready to get out of your own way and to start following your heart and soul and not worry about what others think?
It's time for a transformational awakening - an opening of hearts as we tap into The Power Of The Universe!

You'll be guided by Zarius & The Order Of 7, powerful high-frequency energies committed to activating the Heart Vibration within you.

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It's time to reawaken 

What question can you ask that will allow you to move beyond your current reality?
  • Get clarity and start living life through a soul perspective.
  • Rewaken to your soul's resources.
  • Strengthen your connection with Spirit Guides.
  • Integrate soul lessons. 
  • Align with your soul's calling.
  • Activate the ascension process.

Master your Divine Power!

Zarius & The Order of 7 always speaks to the soul through a soul perspective. Your personal frequency will determined how you interpret the messages, knowledge and insights, channeled. 

May your session stir your soul into remembrance that you are part of something bigger; something beautiful and powerful beyond imagination!


In 2013, an incredible destiny was set in motion. A group of people were chosen and united by divine guidance to become Torchbearers - a sacred pathway on which they could awaken the power of their higher selves and connect with The Order Of 7. Through this remarkable journey emerged the book Awaken To The Power Of Universe: a beautiful reminder that no matter our circumstance we are always surrounded by limitless love, grace & possibility!



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You are the Creator and a Master Manifestor!

These were the words planted in my soul by my Spirit Guide, Zarius. My first recollection of Zarius, was in my mother's womb, but it wasn't until the birth of my second daughter in 2007, that his presences became so powerful that I had no other choice than surrender my fears of being judged and trust the guidance of spirit.

I embarked on a spiritual quest, where Zarius & The Order of 7, were reintroduced as my Council. With loving guidance of the Order, I discovered my ability to channel and I started to channel messages to a group they called the Torchbearers. After a year of channeling personal messages, the book Awaken to The Power of the Universe was manifested. Click to read more.


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Zarius & The Order of 7