ABUNDANCE Transmission

Welcome to a realm where dreams take form and visions become reality.

The Order's transmission is channeled and consists of high-frequency energy that bypasses any human interference. It supports your mental, emotional, and physical body, helping it realign with its divine nature. This powerful energy serves as a call to your soul, a key to unlocking your highest potential, and a bridge to the abundant life you're destined to lead. 

The focus of this transmission is to open the gateway to abundance, prosperity & wealth through the activation of Frequency 6.  

This Transmission is filled with intuitive teachings and channeled transmissions, allowing for deep introspection and shift in perspectives.

This Transmission includes:

  • Preparation Videos & Exercises:  Three empowering preparation videos with exercises to maximize your experience.
  • Collective Reading: Activating the collective intention for the transmission using insight cards.
  • Introduction to the Transmission: Gain an understanding of why The Order channels transmissions and awakens people to their innate Power.
  • Channeled Transmission: Be inspired and transformed by The Order's channeled transmission, helping you shift out of the limitations of the 3D and opening the gateway to higher consciousness.
  • Q&A replay: Hear from participants who joined the live channeled transmission.
  • Audio Transmission: Download the Transmission to continue the integration process. 8D Audio included. 

Please note that all sales are final, and we are unable to process refunds. 

This powerful transmission opens the flow to abundance, prosperity & wealth allowing Divine Will into your life.

What People Are Saying:

So at home with myself. Wow, Wow, Wow what a powerful, loving, divinely, abundantly full, immersive transmission. Again, thank you!

Barbara Young

After participating in the Clearing Frequency 1 Transmission with The Order, I have noticed the transformative benefits in the days that followed. It has become easier for me to experience an overwhelming sense of love for everything and I feel an increased sense of being loved. It appears that I have successfully cleared some blockages. Thank you so much!

Stian Andrè Neple

I was not able to join the transmission live, due to work, but I felt it very strongly as I was at work. It was like a heavy blanket of fear suddenly lifted. When I got the recording of the transmission, I listened to if a few times. I felt quite warm, and the day after I slept almost all day, feeling energies working through my body. I had several dreams where I gained more clarity about my fears, and I felt it releasing over the days. My channeling abilities were activated through the transmission, and I had a lot of information coming in after the transmission. It was a great gift for me to be a part of this transmission, and I look foreward to the next!

Marthe S.

Kr 598.00 per pers.