Awaken Channeling Session

Have you been asking yourself any of these questions

Have you been asking yourself any of these questions
  • Why am I here on Mother Earth going through the shift?

  • Do I have a special gift to share with the world?

  • How can I serve through my soul purpose?

  • I feel an urgency to start living on purpose, but how do I do it?

  • How can I speak from the Soul and make a difference in the world?

  • How can I experience oneness?

We are sending more reinforcements to  Mother Earth to help humanity awaken. We ask you to see and feel the power. Allow the soul to speak! 

How I work as a CHANNEL

How I work as a CHANNEL
  • As a channeler for Zarius & The Order of 7 and other high frequency energy my task is to keep the purity of the information moving through me. It requires that I maintain a healthy cooperation between body and soul by taking care of my energy as best I can. By listening to body and soul I strive to maintain balance.

  • Zarius & The Order of 7 always speak from the soul perspective. It is imperative that you believe that the soul is a part of your experience here on Earth in order for you to understand what is being communicated.

  • The energy behind the words channeled and how you experience these will be based on your own vibration. This means that your personal energy will determine your interpretation and integration of the messages brought forward. Your experience after integrating the messages and wisdom will validate your soul’s journey and your purpose as a human being.

  • Take the time to reflect on the beauty of what is being offered to you. I hope you accept this gift that I give to you with unconditional love.

we are calling on you


The Order has given Enigma and Vibecke a task demanding courage and strength. Together they have listened, accepted their calling, and now are demonstrating trust by bringing The Order's wisdom to you. It is for this purpose that you are receiving this invitation. We, The Order of 7, wish to give you the key to the Light. Time as you know it is of importance. We wish to share, answer your questions and challenge you to become Torchbearers, and through this to find your calling! We, The Order of 7, speak our wisdom through Enigma and Vibecke and trust that our message will reach those that are ready to take the next step in the evolution of Mother Earth and Mankind. Therefore, you are receiving this invitation with unconditional love


Energy cords created by the Torchbearers spirit. Whether you are standing on your mountaintop or elsewhere, you are together. One for all and all for one! Joined in the dimension of Unity, welded together by the Torchbearer spirit! A new era has arrived. A time where your power will be of great importance; not only for you, but for all seeking the light – seeking unity between Mankind, animals and nature. For hope is a gift all humans carry, so allow the Torchbearers' spirit to ignite the hope. The unity between souls and the power created is where MAGIC resides.


Now carry this energy within your hearts, allow it to lift you up together onto the Path of Unity so that the power that you now have created together will spread further and unite you on the Light-Path. Remember the spirit must be nurtured. Give it love – give it to others. The greatest freedom that you Torchbearers can experience is through the Torchbearers' spirit, created in the name of Unity. A freedom that shall be shared with others. We would like to thank you for sharing this with others in unconditional love and also with those in other dimensions. You are assisting them in finding their own freedom through the Torchbearers' spirit.


  • Grounding is what connects everything - all levels - so that the task you have taken on can be manifested. This is why you are here on Earth.

  • Find your tool - the tool that connects you with your body. Love your body and treat it well. Showing love to your own body opens you up to new connections – new possibilities to listen to your soul.

  • The morning light brings joy into the Physical life and all that surrounds you. In the Light you can see this beauty, feel its joy, and experience its impact.

  • Allow the air to fill your lungs so that you can once again exhale high frequency energy in your surroundings – once again float on a wave of joy and freedom. Your journey, as you will know it, will be strengthened, renewed and inspiring.

  • Your environment has a great effect on your physical level. By cleansing and by grounding, by slowing down and listening; this blockage will disappear and your ability to read energy and understand your surroundings will strengthen together with your frequency.


A wind is blowing, sweeping a wind of low frequency energy over Mother Earth. It brings with it misery, tragedy and earthly disasters. Your unity here today will be part of those winds - complementing them and balancing them. We are depending on your efforts now. We cannot stop the wind, the cold wind, but we can calm it so that we can minimize the disaster. Light a candle, send a prayer and give of your time. The energy wave you create in unison with others will change the strength and direction of the wind.

- Grogen

You are all Channels of Love. Your purpose embodies this love and to find your purpose and connect with the love you must first manifest it within yourself – self- love. Only then can your life purpose shine and manifest with strength and power. Your choices become easier. Your freedom of choice increases and your heart becomes joyful.

- Zarius

You shall walk in nature, feel its rhythm, and allow it to seduce you so that you once again can fly freely, free from the human body and its limitations. Allow nature’s spirits to lift you up, bring forth freedom so that you can let go of low frequency, negative energy. Allow its healing effect to reach your soul, strengthen it, so that you can give back in the physical and assist nature and its spirit in a powerful way through your work.

- Impala

The body-soul connection is essential for the continuation of your journey. The energy you create through acceptance of your soul and acceptance of the Physical - acceptance of the darkness, acceptance of the light – through your energy level all working together.

- Ikna

You have shown great effort, therefore you are now standing in your light. Feel the power that resides here. It is the self-love you are now feeling and you must accept it fully and completely for life is filled with challenges and contradictions. Your ability to remain in the Light is essential for the continuation of your journey on the Light-Path. You must believe that you are at the right place. There is more for you to discover. You need to use part of your passion to move you to a higher frequency on a soul level, and your soul can develop more quickly than originally planned based on the challenges you have overcome. Love yourself - and then love others.

- Gloria

Mother Earth is a Masterpiece

Chief of the Holy Land wants you to embrace your mother, Mother Earth, once again!


Through self-love you carry your light and through your light you carry unconditional love for all life. Therefore, speak from your soul. Safe Journey!